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Company culture
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Vision: create first class (enterprise) spiritual home

        Business is not only where we work, but also where we live, study and make friends, at least one-third of our day spent here, (our week at least six days spent here, We have at least 26 days in the month to spend here, how much time is there in our year, how much time is there in our lifetime?) In order to make every employee feel happy and energized every day at work Abundant, we want to build our business into a not only just work, but also full of cultural atmosphere and a good atmosphere of unity of the spiritual home.

Build industry-leading brands:

        Industry is a big area, the industry contains competition, contains the pressure, and we are to strive for this competition and pressure to establish their own brand, and only first-class brand in order to let us stand more stable, see more distant , Go for longer

Corporate mission: the achievements of wealthy employees for the benefit of the community

        Society gives each person a different mission, the community also gives each enterprise a different mission, our company's mission is to let every customer get the maximum satisfaction, so that every employee physical and mental enrichment, happy life, let the company do May serve every citizen in society

Business behavior: do not be good and not small, not to evil and small;

        Not because a good thing is too small to do it, do not because a bad thing is too small to do it, everything is small, become less. We want to promote is that each person easily do every little thing around, a small thing to purify the mind, many small things to shape a person's quality.

Sincere self-confidence, self-realization, hand in hand:

        Excellent quality to create a good life, only sincere and confident treatment of every person every thing, life will be full of sunshine, work will be full of passion, we work not only to survive the needs of material satisfaction, we have to set up Their goals in life, through the work to achieve these goals step by step to achieve their ideal of life, and business is to give us the platform to achieve these goals, we should seize every opportunity in the work, and strive to achieve self, beyond Self; enterprise development not only have a good leader, but also have a team of unity and cooperation, "people and" is a prerequisite for success, the company's future needs all the staff work together and common progress.

Corporate philosophy: to pay only harvest, but not only to pay for the harvest: everyone happy I am happy.

        There is nothing wrong with the law of the development of things, as long as we will have to pay the harvest, but we pay not only for personal gains and losses: as long as we and everyone concerned, each business has been satisfied is that we work The most fun!

Corporate image: competition, dedication, the benefit of society, unity, brand, the pursuit of excellence.

        A person's image on behalf of a person's quality, and social recognition of a business from the overall quality of the enterprise, our quality is not only reflected in the pressure of the industry we face the indomitable competitiveness, we have to Our selfless dedication to society reflects our excellent qualities, and our excellent qualities come from our unity, our tireless pursuit of excellence, to create their own brand of every action, every In the struggle!

Core Competitiveness: brand, quality, talent, culture, innovation

        A good brand is a huge enterprise intangible assets, and a good brand to establish not only rely on the excellent quality of enterprise products, but also a number of outstanding talents, their quality, but also a distinctive corporate culture, the company is to Through the quality, talent, culture, innovation and development to shape their own characteristics, establish their own brand.

        Business vision, the concept of the introduction of not only to each employee pointed out that the company's development direction, development requirements, but also for each employee put forward higher requirements: the overall quality of the staff is a comprehensive manifestation of the quality of all employees, each one does not Harmony of the notes will be the exclusion and elimination of the team, which requires each employee must always adjust and improve themselves, together with the team to achieve the company's strategic objectives and vision!

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