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The Introduction of Y120 Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine

Browsetimes Date:2020/8/18 15:17:58

Y120 Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine, is one of the latest hot-selling models developed by Shandong Yongfeng Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. The design for Y120 hose crimper is unique. And it is perfect for service crimping in the hardest environments all around the world. The traditional strong design is ideal for extreme working conditions for example in mines or tropical sites. So Y120 automatic crimping machine is very popular among many new and old customers, and is a cost-effective rubber product making machinery.

Y120 pipe crimping machine has a maximum crimping force of 2000kN(200T) and can perfectly crimp 2” 4SP inner diameter for hydraulic hose. It is equipped with 14 sets of standard dies, and the dies can also be customized according to customer requirements. Therefore Y120 hose crimping tool are widely used for pressing high-pressure fuel pipes, industrial hoses, fire sprinkler hoses, automobile brake cables, water hoses, air conditioner hoses, bathroom hoses and so on.

About the hydraulic cylinder for Y120 pipe crimper, its material is made of Cr40 forge steel, with more than 6 months aging treatment and 2mm thick harden layer, increase its fatigue resistance. For the dies, Y120 hose crimping machines use Cr12 standard die steel, dies and die base are connected by cutting-edge technology of strong magnetic connection, which is our patent, crimping neatly and nice. Thus it is very convenient for assembly and disassembly.

The control mode for Y120 hose press machine is digital control, with high crimping accuracy within 0.01mm, very easy to understand and operate for the users. On the other hand, with pipeless hydraulic valve-block connection and stable pressure conduction, makes Y120 hydraulic pipe crimper can fits in any workshop and can offer affordable crimping in service operations. Its compact design means it is easily movable to anywhere.

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