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YJK-series Crimping Machines
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YJK-76Z Crimping Machine


The crimp force of YONG-FENG YJK-76Z fully automatic hydraulic hose crimping machine is 2800KN, with an opening diameter of 142mm, a crimp range of 3~95mm and 12 sets of standard dies. YONG-FENG YJK-76Z crimpers are widely used for crimping high-pressure fuel pipes, industrial hoses, airbrake hoses, air conditioner hoses and bathroom hoses.

Max. inner diameter

Industrial hoses: 3"

Hoses with 2 braided wires: 3"

Hoses with 4 spiral wires: 3"

Hoses with 6 spiral wires: 2½"


Crimp head materialFORGE STEEL
Crimp range3-95mm
Hose size3", 4SP
Passing diameter142mm
Opening diameter142mm
System pressure31.5Mpa
Crimp force2800kN
Standard voltageCustomized
ControlFull automatic
Standard dies12 sets
L x W x H750*750*1450mm

Specification of dies

Crimp range15-2518-2820-3023-3326-3629-3937-4746-5651-6163-7370-8085-95


1) The oil cylinder cover, oil tank and piston rod are made of 40 chromium, which is high pressure resistant and tear resistant with great carrying capacity and improves the durability of the oil tank and piston rod.

2) The cabinet can operate on the ground, following an ergonomic design. There is no need for an extra worktable, and the crimping operation is convenient. The integrative operation panel provides added ease for crimping large diameter hydraulic hoses.

3) Our crimping dies are made of Cr12 die steel and connected through magnetism, which makes it convenient for assembly and disassembly and allows for automatic positioning, and thus the crimping is neat and nice.

4) The Yongfeng patented hydraulic system is equipped with a huge hydraulic oil tank, and ensures a high recovery rate of oil circulation and good heat dissipation. The oil returns to the tank quickly and the crimping is efficient with stable pressure, making it suitable for mass production and processing of hydraulic hose assemblies.

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